Good Girl: A Secret Pregnancy, Student Teacher Reverse Harem Romance (The Forbidden Reverse Harem Collection)
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I’ve always been a good girl… Until I got pregnant and realized I have no idea whose the baby is. My mom instilled all the right values in me. I’m hard-working, loyal and kind. I’m inexperienced at twenty-three years old… Until I walk into three separate lecture halls and three different professors catch my eye. Derek teaches Modern Literature and is under investigation by the board… But all I can think about is his chiseled, clean-shaven jaw and how his inner calmness must make him very passionate behind closed doors. Samuel is the bad boy in my trio, a professor of Ethics and Morals… He’s also the one who noticed me right away, kickstarting his gentle obsession with my well-being. Matt is the Dad of their friendship group. Strong, burly and warm… I never feel safer than I do in his arms or on the back of his motorcycle, because I know he’ll never let anything bad happen to me. Given how gorgeous my irresistible professors are, I’m still shocked they picked me - a curvy, petite student who’s never done a bad thing in her life. But how will they react to my baby news? After all… any one of them could be the father.