Grumpy SEAL’s Secret: An Enemies to Lovers Small Town Surprise Pregnancy Romance

I rode a cowboy and cashed in my v-card.
What I didn’t count on was a baby coming along for the ride.

I just broke up with my crazy unpredictable ex.
For my protection I was sent to live with my father’s best friend.

Jay Quinn.
A sexy ex-Navy SEAL turned Billionaire horse tamer.
But that’s not the only thing he’s tamed…

It was one night of furious passion and just like that my v-card was gone.

We try to pretend it never happened but the chemistry between us is undeniable.

I’ve never been one for the outdoors,
But this cowboy’s running a rodeo in my mind.

As well as my heart 
and my bed.

This is a dangerous game.
If my dad ever found out, all hell could break loose.

The last thing I expected was to have a baby saddling up inside me…