Heroes of Vanguard Boxed Set: Steamy MM Superhero Romance
The Heroes of Vanguard Boxed Set Contains 1,000+ pages of Burly Heroic Men with Heart The city of Vanguard is known for two things: burly men and superheroes. For those who love both, it’s a city filled with possibilities. Citizens can only hope for a huskular hero to swoop in and save them from diabolical villains out to destroy the world. For a lucky few, they’ll see the underneath the capes and cowls to the heroes within. In this boxed set, follow an unlikely group of bears as they navigate life in a city filled with alter egos. Get to know Chad, the owner of Hideout Cafe, a hotbed of superheroes; Griffin, a geek and superhero fanatic, Xander, a hot-headed paramedic for supers; Alejandro, a sassy and saucy bartender, and Bernard, the reserved daddy bear with a dry wit and a super secret. The Heroes of Vanguard Boxed Set is a collection of M/M, heart-felt adventures with HEAs and no cliffhangers. It features snark and sex, but not always in that order.