HIS Mess, HIS Stress: Rod and Maris: An African American Urban Fiction Family Drama Standalone
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The announcement.

The shock.

The humiliation.

The new normal.


And with twenty years of marriage and two wonderful children, Maris Dunn is determined not to make what is now the new normal in her family any more stressful than she knows it’s going to be, and since this is all on her husband, Roderick Dunn Sr., she wants all of the stress to be on him.


But will this really be this case? Because this is definitely easier said than done, especially when this announcement will now be an almost everyday occurrence in their lives, causing more stress for the Dunn family, and they go from being one of the most affluent, well-do-families in the city to one of the most stressful and dysfunctional that everyone is now talking about.