Id Give Anything To Be in Your Shoes
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Overworked architect Emily Wright dreams of leaving New York city for a rural life, maybe even having a family of her own. When Gregor, her demanding boss, dumps yet another huge project with an impossible deadline on her desk, she snaps. She heads west on a long overdue vacation. Before she even reaches her destination, Emily falls in love with North Idaho. But will it love her back?
Taking a chance on an omen, she decides to buy a run-down B&B. She didn’t plan on a few resident ghosts and a quirky staff, including a good-looking handyman. Will she have the strength to run a slightly haunted bed and breakfast, and maybe even give into her dreams of accepting the support of the first decent man in her life? Or will her controlling sister and boss convince her to go back to the familiar city?
Set in beautiful North Idaho, you’ll love following Emily as she discovers her own strength and a little romance along the way. By best-selling Pacific Northwest author, Deb Graham