Ivy, Knox, & Weston
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Ivy, Knox, & Weston by Darcy Hayes


Knox and Weston had been together for years. From time to time, they invited a woman to be a part of their relationship. The problem was, at some point, everything always fell apart.

They knew that somewhere, there was a woman who would complete them. All they had to do was find her. That’s where 
Rightly Swept came in. On the recommendation of a friend, they created a profile and hoped for the best.

Ivy was bored senseless with her life. In her college years, she had been part of a poly relationship that went sideways. Now, she was trying her best to manage with a strictly vanilla, one-man and one-woman, relationship to assuage her conservative parents.

She was confused as hell when she started getting notifications from a dating app. As it turned out, one of her friends had decided to 
help and created a profile on Rightly Swept. She feared Ivy would end up stuck in a loveless marriage or maybe even as a spinster. Ivy grudgingly agreed to give it a chance.

When she met Knox and Weston, sparks flew. Could they have found their forever in each other? Would pressure from her family tear them apart?

This book is an MMF erotic romance with a HEA and no cliffhanger.
Due to explicit language and content, it is intended for readers 18+