Katarina’s Dark Shadow
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Katarina’s Dark Shadow by MJ Krause-Chivers

THE ONLY UNCERTAINTY IN WAR IS UNCERTAINTY. 1915-1917: Katarina is a fifteen-year-old girl with big dreams. Her German Mennonite family has more traditional plans in mind for her. But there's a war on and trouble is brewing within Ukraine. Everything is changing and no one can be trusted. As Katarina tries to make sense of it all, her world starts to implode. Life has never been so scary. 1951: Peter stumbles on his adopted mother’s diaries from the Russian Revolution. What happened during those early years that prompted Katarina to go back to Ukraine during WW2? What secrets lie behind the Iron Curtain? Set in Ukraine during the Russian Civil War, Katarina’s Dark Shadow prequels the courageous human struggle inside a distinct faith during violent political times. This is a continuing saga with an ending that will have you reaching for Book Two. Inspired by true stories and actual events based on the harrowing tales of the author's ancestors, this book will particularly interest those with German-Prussian, Ukrainian, or European Mennonite ancestry. If you enjoyed The Memory Keeper of Kyiv and The Girl with the Silver Star, you’ll enjoy stepping into this intriguing and unusual world with its unique cultural dynamics. Witness the Russian Revolution from an entirely different perspective.