Kip’s Progress:: How to fall asleep before the snoring starts up on the other side of the bed.
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I didn’t create this piece of work. It just happened to me, and others, and all I did was write it down. It is a third biographical, a further third auto-biographical, and a third Instruction Manual on how to fall asleep before anyone else in the room starts snoring. All the characters and incidents in the biographical elements of the narrative are real people, and the experiences related are 100% true, and 80% accurate, memory permitting. I feel that autobiographies are by nature a little self-indulgent.
Why would anyone want to hear the story of an ordinary mucker whose journey has been accompanied by other ordinary muckers, and informed by extra-ordinary others on the same planet at the same time?
I admit to being something of a berk who has wasted virtually every opportunity that life has presented to me, and hereby present this offering to others frequently springing a leak in the same boat.

Probably the funniest autobiography I have ever read - Iain Christie.
Dropping off will be no problem if you read this book - Iain Christie.
Don’t be far from a loo while reading this work of genius - Iain Christie.
“I cannae mind a betta buke, for fallin’ aff tae sleep. Bad as gettin’ fud tae find, the tattie has no neep - Angus McSpugel - (Not) The Scottish Poet Laureate.
The insomniacs Bible - DON’T MISS OUT !!!…. Iain Christie.
WHAT IS THIS TRIPE?…. Mrs Christie.
More guff than a politician’s answer to a question…. Anonymous.