Laela and the Moonline

Laela and the Moonline by Lisa Perskie


Laela and the Moonline- Overview

“Surprises unfold in the predictable. . . . You can never fully foresee the foreseen.”

Long ago, the four tribes of Aerizon lived as one people, but the time of unity has passed. Now, three of the tribes collectively called the Treedles inhabit the forest canopy. The fourth tribe, the Mergons, live on the ground and pose a constant threat to the Treedles. Laela is a young Treedle girl coming of age in the treetop realm of Aerizon. Her destiny, as yet unrevealed, will cast her in the role of catalyst for epic change.

Laela grows increasingly restless with the cultural limits and expectations for young Treedle women. In her quest to understand and express her authentic self, she faces soul-transforming psychological and physical tests. Unlike Treedle women before her, she pushes back against traditional gender and cultural boundaries. Propelled by mysterious forces, she ventures into the forest and onto the lands below, breaking ground for a new era.

 As she evolves spiritually, Laela faces mental challenges, redefining her perception of the impact one person can have on the world. Finally, she gains the courage to raise her voice in defense of herself and her people. Seekers of truth and justice will relate to how Laela grapples with the challenge of finding her guiding values.