Lessons: LISA: A Standalone African American Romance Urban Fiction Series – Book One
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Lisa Everett has a great life. She is married to a man of high status, a real producer – someone who is there not someone who is trying to get there, and she was there with him from the start. They have a beautiful home, but no children. She doesn’t have to work since her husband Greg makes a great living as a doctor for the two of them, so she’s able to spend her time with her friends and family and never has to worry about a thing.

But after 10 years of being married, Lisa is bored with her great life as a housewife, and especially very lonely. And she’s getting tired of her husband as well as her family and friends pressuring her to have a child since it’s something that she “has to do” for herself and her husband and to carry on the Everett family legacy.

Lisa’s boredom and loneliness takes a back seat when Nigel Foreman, a man who is known as the High-Nine-Figure Man, enters her life in an unexpected way. But unlike her, he’s got some issues he’s finalizing with his wife of 15 years, as well as some issues that he never sees coming . . . but they just can’t seem to stay away from each other, and she gets in way over her head with her involvement with him more than she ever thought possible.

But Lisa is going to be known for doing something that everyone thought she’d never do, and despite all of the warnings, the chances, the signs, the suggestions, the advice, the disrespect, the stress, and all the mess . . . will she learn her lesson from all of it?

Lessons is a standalone series so the books don't have to be read in order.