LIGHT of the MAGOS: The Spark Within
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Gifted vs. Intellect. Jenkins vs. Custers. Decades of feuding come to a head in this contemporary Irish-inspired fantasy as two teen Magos unravel a complex mystery spanning countries and centuries. When Colby Custer starts his first year at the International School for the Intellect and Gifted, the talented young Magos is excited to learn more about his magical powers. But studying magic has never been more dangerous, thanks to the ongoing conflict between the Gifted and the Intellect. On one side, the Custer family supports the study and sharing of magic with those they call Gifted. On the other, the Jenkins family perpetuates the hereditary lines of Magos called the Intellect. The feud between the two families is alive and well, but it's about to get more complicated as a shared threat emerges. What would happen if the Custer and Jenkins families team up? For Faith Jenkins, Colby represents a future her father can't accept. As she researches the mysteries of her family's ancient lineage, Faith navigates the difficulties of love, social expectations, and the family feud. Romancing a Custer is out of the question, right? Faith and Colby's adventures at school are just the beginning. While the two teens come into their powers and tackle the threat to Faith's life, their family feud becomes complicated by other mysteries: a clandestine spy op, a shady corporation, and an eerie creature. Join Colby and Faith, Wayne and Lonnie, on a rollicking adventure of spies, feuds, magic, and mystery. And remember... Ní conquers olc riamh. Evil never conquers. Step into a world where magic and technology collide, where young heroes unravel genealogical secrets, explore extraordinary powers, and forge their own destinies.