Living Green and the Smoke

Living Green and the Smoke by Florian Bushy

The award-winning (2nd Place Green Books Purple Dragonfly Award & 2023 Silver Literary Titan Award) book “Living Green and the Smoke” is a book that teaches children about teamwork, environment conservation and the values of what they can do in their own community. At the beginning of time, the planet Earth was so new, pure, and clean. This allowed all the plants to walk around like people! If you listened carefully you could even hear their hearts beating! One day, when our heroes Mrs. Florence and Mr. Florian met for their daily chat, the forest was dark, hot, full of smoke and black dust. Where was that pollution coming from? With friendship, cooperation and working as a team, the trees, plants and flowers solved the problem and saved the pure planet Earth from the climate change effects. This fun journey will teach your child about: - Nature and conservation - Global warming - Climate change - Teamwork - Friendship - Respect eBook and paperback available in English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish Order your copy and make your child happier today! It makes a perfect gift!