Long Story Shorties: Custody, Coins, and Conflicts
It’s fair to say we have heard stories about many other categories in the beauty industry—hair stylist, barber, and even fashion designer. Now, through events based on a true story, let's talk about a lash technician/makeup artist fighting to establish their lane in the broad industry. Parys Germane is determined to turn her life around from humble beginnings. Formerly a teenage mother hustling to make ends meet, Parys will do whatever it takes to leave her mark on the world. Fighting through obstacles of change to transition into her life on the right track, she resolves to become the first millionaire in the family. Harnessing her social media skills and her lash technician talents, she manages to catch the eye of the right opportunities to align her with success. While reaching forward to her new life, she is pulled back by her haunting past with family drama. With no to little support, how does a young mother balance self development, co-parenting, and starting a business when the odds are stacked against her?