Lucifer’s Triangle (The Trove Chronicles Book 1)
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In a city where belief means everything, putting your faith in the wrong person can get you killed. Snagging archaeological artifacts for a secret organization can have its drawbacks. The Arkana’s relic hunters dodge bullets, fanatical cults, and the occasional rockslide in adventures spanning continents as they unearth lost civilizations that contradict the historical record. Somebody once said that history is a myth that people have agreed to believe. That somebody was right. Two Arkana agents are sent to Jerusalem on a standard artifact retrieval mission. What could possibly go wrong? Absolutely everything. The agents find themselves enmeshed in a confusing suicide bomb plot where they can’t tell who or what is being targeted for destruction. That's because the mastermind pulling the strings is as devious as the devil himself, and he wants nothing more than to see the whole world go up in flames.