Make Me Whole
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Make Me Whole by Sofia T Summers


My best friend’s daughter turns me into a fierce protector.

Just one smile makes me want to risk everything.

Skylar is 19 years younger than me, and the pain in her light brown eyes draws me to her.

I’d never let her ex-boyfriend harm her or her daughter again.

But being close to her as a protector means having to keep my distance.

Skylar is off-limits.

I’d ruin my business partnership with her dad and break her heart.

My son has been my world since my wife’s passing.

And I didn’t think I had space for another woman in my life.

But Skylar has taken me by storm.

A one-night stand had me adoring her curves, but that was just the beginning.

It resulted in a bigger secret that would tie us together for life.

A life that’s now impossible to imagine without her.