May We Learn from the Earth
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May We Learn from the Earth by Robert Tiess

Following his acclaimed debut, The Humbling and Other Poems, Tiess delivers clear, captivating, and compassionate poetry and essays contemplating Earth and nature. From the opening poems, we become reacquainted with the natural realm, where we may muse on mountains, reflect on rivers, philosophize in forests, and celebrate creation everywhere. As we journey into Earth, the Beautiful, studying its rivers, canyons, trees, and fields, we learn and grow more mindful of the environment, ecology, and eventually Earth, the Besieged. Insightful, inspiring, and impassioned with a lyrical love of life, this timely and truthful collection can be enjoyed by nearly everyone, from budding poetry enthusiasts and nature lovers to environmental champions and beyond. In hopes of encouraging environmental interest and awareness, the author offers optional reading content, including a series of brief but thought-provoking essays meditating on nature, a concise glossary of Earth terms, reading suggestions, and more for readers to discover and explore.