Meeting the Shadow Finding Your Self: A Handbook on How to Transform the Dark Side of Your Personality
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Your shadow is powerful. It can trip you up, sabotage your best efforts and create obstacles. It can also house amazing creative potential you never knew you had. Discover how to make friends with this primal force. It is waiting to be unleashed.

Until you own your darkness, you only half live. You deny the fullness of your unique expression because you repress what you believe is unpalatable or unacceptable. As a consequence, you find yourself frustrated with the world, irritated with those you call friends and family, and angry with your seeming inability to express yourself fully or create lasting, positive change. In
 'Meeting the Shadow Finding Your Self - A Handbook on How to Transform the Dark Side of Your Personality,' Julie reveals how to acknowledge and accept the darkness within you and importantly, how to receive the priceless gifts it is here to offer.

In this book, you will discover how to:

• Embrace the shadow aspects of your personality
• Invite the darkness to share its secrets
• Improve your personal relationships
• Restore vitality to your creative expression
• Find your authentic voice in the workplace
• Live your life with greater authenticity, clarity, and integrity, and
• Reconnect with your true essence and purpose

This work is life-changing. Knowing about the shadow and actually doing the work are two different things. Are you ready to be honest with yourself? Are you ready to peel back the layers and take a brave inventory of what you find there?

If you are, this book will help you restore your vitality and bring all the missing parts back home.