Mile High Baby: An Age Gap, Surprise Pregnancy Romance (Heart of Hope)
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“Have you joined the Mile High club yet?” “No…” “Do you want to?” I shouldn’t have said yes… but I did. A panicked phone call from my father has me boarding a plane and flying cross-continent. I never expect to meet a brazen, distinguished silver fox on the plane. Much less the older gentleman initiating me into the Mile High club right then and there… We agree never to meet again after our spicy encounter. Until I meet with my father, who’s hired a bodyguard for me. Alex Sterling. My father’s best friend… and my mile-high lover. My father thinks I’m in danger and Alex is the best man to protect me. Maybe we’d both do a better job of staying out of harm’s way… if we could keep our hands off each other. But when our steamy encounters result in a baby bump, I know I have to hide the truth from my father… as well as his enemies who are still out to hurt me. Except now it’s not just me.