Moon Matador (Vampire for Hire Book 31)
The wait is over! The latest Samantha Moon novel is here! When the owner of an ancient bullfighting ring—a bullring that had been transplanted piece by piece from Madrid—calls on Sam to look into a family curse, the private detective is pretty sure things are about to get weird. She isn't wrong... Her investigation into the haunted stadium soon uncovers more questions than answers. It also uncovers a bizarre mystery spanning centuries... With the help of her witchy friend, a world-class psychic medium, and an unlikely ally living deep underground, Sam will begin piecing together a tragic story of epic proportions. A story of a deal gone terribly wrong. Luckily, Samantha Moon isn’t afraid to right some wrongs, even if it takes her all the way down into unfathomable depths—and a fight unlike any other. “Moon Matador is thrilling. I think it’s your best book in the Vampire for Hire series. I mean, I love them all, but this story is so epic! It’s unforgettable.” —Eve Paludan, bestselling author of Witchy Business