Muir’s Gambit: A Spy Game Novel (The Aiken Trilogy Book 1)
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Winner - 2022 SPY THRILLER OF THE YEAR – Best Thrillers

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Prequel to Beckner’s classic film Spy Game, Muir's Gambit opens with the assassination of CIA hero Charlie March. Mentor to Nathan Muir, March’s murder presents Langley the opportunity to rid themselves of Cold War dinosaur Muir. Muir's Gambit introduces hard-luck CIA lawyer Russell Aiken dispatched to force Muir’s confession. The protégé Muir cast aside for Tom Bishop, Aiken thirsts for payback. As the two spies play a cat-and-mouse interrogation, Muir's Gambit examines the lives of two men sanctioned to immorality who have one night to reconcile themselves to the one moral spy, Bishop, who stands between them.