My Own Strength: My dreams were always my reality
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Do you want to learn how to find your own strength and overcome the challenges in your life?

Struggles and trauma often lead to being unaware of the importance of self-worth and self-love. Porsha understands this like no other. As a child, she experienced abuse and loss in her earlier years. But with the help of her church family and many signs from God, Porsha began self-reflecting on her life. Slowly, she started to learn how to move on.

The defining moment that changed her life was discovering The Law of Attraction, which introduced her to the power of thought and meditation. This discovery was the key to her healing. As Porsha became happier, her inner strength became stronger, giving her momentum to move forward with her new life chapter.

In this memoir, Porsha will take you by the hand and guide you through the same process of finding your own strength.

“This memoir is a great example that no matter what happens in your life, you are still in control of choosing how you respond to those situations.” - Doris Siu. Author of Hold on please, Emily.

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