No Choice (Kaylid Chronicles Book 1)
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Handling the cat calling as a female police officer is one thing, being a literal cat is something else.

When the world's population shifts into animals, the last thing McKenna expected was to be at the center of the controversy. Much less for her to be the star in a viral video. Harried by her internal cat, resentful co-workers, freaked out neighbors, and a partner who's turned into a bear, she's got enough on her plate. And no one knows why they changed, which is scary enough.

When she gets caught in the crossfire of a get rich quick scheme, she'll have to decide what price she'll pay to protect the innocent.  And if she'll still be human by the end.

Looking for action and adventure with no romance? Want characters that grow and learn? Pick up book one of the Kaylid Chronicles and go from small town cop to last hope for humanity.