No Locked Doors!: Master the Keys to Transform Problems into Possibilities
Imagine every problem in your life as a locked door. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a master key to unlock all of them? While there is no such key, there are locksmiths—and you can become one. Gregory Smith is known as a fixer. His broad experiences across a myriad of industries have honed his passion and skill for unlocking doors, turning challenging situations into rewarding opportunities. He has faced difficult decisions, juggled a broad range of stakeholders, learned from his failures, realized the value of relationships, and experienced considerable success along the way. No Locked Doors! tells the story of how Greg developed his master keys—the tools he uses to turn locked-door problems into open-door possibilities. Follow his journey and use the invaluable lessons within to create your locksmith toolkit. You’ll be unlocking doors on your path before you know it.