No More One More Time

No More One More Time by CL Rowell


While suffering from a sudden case of empty nest syndrome, I decided it's the perfect time to get in shape. Why did I do that? I should have stayed home. Aren't fat rolls coming back in style?
I damn near get flattened by a spit-shined candy-apple-red Audi RS7 backing out of the neighbor's drive. The kids told me we had new neighbors, so I knew the old Morganson-Barrineau house was no longer empty. What I didn't know was it was Beau Barrineau, the old lady's grandson, and my ex-boyfriend, that moved in.
That's the last thing I need… my old high school sweetheart who left me behind to pursue his dream of becoming a rock star living next door. Now here I am in a pair of short-shorts and a tank top, red-faced and sweaty, muffin top and cellulite on display, when we— almost literally— run into each other.
He says he needs a fake fiancee to protect him from the gold-digging daughter of his record label's CEO.
Why didn't I say no? I should have said no... because now those old feelings are starting to resurface again... if they ever even left.
A hot and hilarious fake engagement second chance rock star romance featuring a 41-year-old BBW heroine.