Of Dreams and Angels

Of Dreams and Angels by Jared Morrison


"Intelligent without pretension... Of Dreams and Angels is an enjoyable, easy-to-read romance that probes the weight and meaning of our relationships." - BookLife Reviews, Editor's Pick

A man dreams through the eyes of a woman he's never met, setting out to find love that might be a figment of his imagination.

Joe Riley has a successful, by-design life in the world of finance. He loves order, discipline, the tangible, the measurable. In pursuit of success he's spurned attachment, keeping romantic entanglements "on an island" while leaving his life and heart invulnerable. When he begins to dream of a woman half a world away he's never encountered, his notions of practicality and planning are called into question.

In a search that variously brings him to the psychologist's office, a medium's table, and from the Rocky Mountains to the streets of London, England, Joe begins to fall for the woman of his dreams. In the process, he's beset by innumerable questions: Is he going mad? Might she actually exist? If so, why does he see through her eyes? Why is he party to visions that are either the greatest privacy invasion of all time, or a possible cosmic match in the making?

In the quest for answers, Joe confronts the deeper questions that assail most of us who dare open our hearts: Will I be enough? Will they love me when it stops being easy? Will they stay? Will they sweep me up, just to watch me fall?

A moving exploration of relinquishing fear and embracing the unknown, Of Dreams and Angels invites you to trust the dreams that brought you this far will bring you further.

"Morrison delivers a grounded, absorbing romantic tale... a refreshingly realistic narrative approach. An appealing love story that's both sentimental and down-to-earth." - Kirkus Reviews

"The imagery is striking and the elements that drive the pair together are probably among the best I've read... if you're looking for a true love story, this is the one." - Readers' Favorite

"Must read... Keep a box of tissues for the ride of your life. A memorable read with all emotions in perfect proportions. Don't miss it." - Reedsy Discovery

"Will leave even the most stoic of readers misty-eyed... packs a meaningful punch with themes about love that will stay with you long after you've read the last word." - Reader Views

"Jared Morrison is an adept storyteller, and his debut novel-OF DREAMS AND ANGELS-is a fascinating piece with a refreshingly realistic narrative. Effusive and sentimental, this romance tale of two people learning to trust and love again is compelling where it might have otherwise been clichéd." - Indie Reader

Award-Winning Finalist in the Romance: Paranormal category of the 2021 American Fiction Awards

Award-Winning Finalist in the Fiction: Cross-Genre category of the 2021 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest