Off-Limits Grumpy Doctor

Off-Limits Grumpy Doctor by Brandy Piker

Falling for my boss is off-limits and being my brother’s best bud is taboo. But carrying his baby is a hell-scary dilemma. I return to my hometown after my dreams crumble. About to cross the road, a stern stranger nearly runs me over. It’s Levi Greenwood, the town’s grumpy yet hot neurosurgeon. My brother helped me get a job with him as a physician assistant. His mouth-watering charm drops every nurse's panties. But not mine. His arrogance turns me off. But music connects us at the bar and a sensual kiss loosens tension. Under a meteor shower, we have a sumptuous night. Every hair on my body stands on end, craving more. Now my feelings for Levi are growing deeper. But telling my family, especially my brother, would bring rejection. And a tiny little heartbeat complicates things even more. All hell might break loose when my family finds out I’m pregnant with Levi’s baby.