Once Bitten: A Vampire Urban Fantasy Mystery (Order of the Dragon Book 1)
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He saved my life, only to steal it away with his dragon's blood.  

Midlife was supposed to be steady, where I'd find everything I needed and finally get it together. 

Nope. Hollywood lied. Because here I was, again, trying to get my legs under me. 


I'd lost my job, fallen into the Atlantic, and woken up changed forever. Forever as in eternity forever because the blood my rescuer gave me to save my life had one itty bitty unforeseen consequence. 

It made me a vampire. 

I know, fang my life. 

Now I'd need a miracle just to get through the day. And that miracle is Alistair, the handsome dragon shifter who saved my life and really shouldn't exist. But he is very much a real man--and a real temptation. 

And he's offering me a fresh start that comes with a secret organization of supernaturals who live in the shadows.

Looks like I'm getting a chance to start over.

I just had to die to finally start living.