Painting Stars
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Painting Stars by Bea Teal


When a security expert returns to her childhood home after a tragedy, she finds safety where she least expects in Bea Teal’s warm and witty debut novel about love, loss, and the family we create.

I was raised to steal. But when I was forced to choose between family and betraying the man I admired most, I was left estranged from my parents and sister. Now, I work to ensure that everyone has the kind of safe home I never did.

My sister’s sudden death has me returning to the small Michigan town I ran from. And there’s a surprise waiting for me: Levi, a six-year-old nephew I didn’t even know I had, who is now my responsibility. Thankfully—or not—my childhood neighbor and first love, Noah, and his caring parents are around to support me. 

He’s a capable and uber-honest mechanic, an unconventional soccer coach, and even more charming than I remember. He’s the guy with raven hair, Bambi eyes, and dimples who makes it too easy to fall in love. Which I did—before he married someone else.

When a client’s foolish scheme lands me in jail and Levi’s future is threatened, the only person I can turn to for help is the man who broke my heart. But help from Noah comes with strings attached…