Phases of the Heart

Phases of the Heart by Myles Lee


“In darkness I see clearly…because in the dark are the brightest lights—the moon and stars—always present and guiding me …”

A decade of authentic thoughts woven through dozens of relationships find their way through the darkness and onto paper. The poet hopes others can relate and perhaps learn a few things… before putting their own heart on the line.
Take a leap of faith as you set sail through this journey of powerful words and remember you are not alone. And when you read—opening your heart and mind—you will feel a sense of unity knowing others have walked in your shoes.

Off the Tongue is a compilation of poetry books to inspire the generations.
Free your mind from the heavyweight of life by immersing yourself in captivating words from gifted poets. Allow them to calm you, arouse you, anger you, and excite you. With each book bringing more unique insights, this series is a rhymer’s dream.
And, if you feel a connection to these pieces, 
free your voice by adding to the collection and continuing the inspirational cycle.