Potion Voyages Book 1: Castle & Conceit
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A song will reveal secrets and change everything… In the world of magic oceans, the vain and cruel prince, Octavian, seeks praise while his scheming advisor, Cassius, constructs castles to conquer nations and increase his own wealth. Royal pride descends into vengeful madness, allowing the devious dignitary to forge deadly weapons capable of reshaping every kingdom and economy. Powers from beyond advance their own wicked agendas by revealing supernatural secrets to depraved mortals that will later prove ruinous. The elusive pirate, Captain Keallach, commits brutal murders and bargains with a demon to assist him in his search for treasure. A young scholar named Taesa, gifted with immense musical potential, enchants all with her voice. She sings a wistful song to pursue hidden knowledge, beginning a series of dangerous discoveries. The ancient-yet-young Chronicler, Judith, records the unfolding events. While in the throne room of the tyrannical Octavian, she learns of his battle plans and wishes to warn the innocents who are caught in the path of destruction. However, the Chronicler's Oath that Judith took forbids interference, so she must keep some terrible truths in confidence for ages to come. Listen to the music at https://soundcloud.com/potionvoyages/sets/potion-voyages-book-1 to experience the magic.