Pregnant: Who is the Father? (The Big Bad Braddock Brothers)
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I never expected him to get me pregnant… 

But a baby is what I’ve always wanted. 

My ex ruined my life. 

Literally, ruined. 

I didn’t have the mental and emotional capacity to love again. 

And I knew that when I slept with Joshua. 

The man knew of my past but adored me anyway. 

A one-night stand turned into a big question mark. 

Did he love me? 

Did I love him?

Turns out, it didn’t matter because our relationship was impossible. 

Even with the two pink lines that I was staring at. 

My abusive ex would kill Joshua if I allowed him in my life. 

And I would die before letting anything happen to him. 

So my only option was to pull away…

But would Joshua let me go that easily… Even if that meant risking his own safety?