Primal Instinct
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Primal Instinct by Minerva Hart


Everyone feels pessimistic about the world they live in from time to time. It's happened to all of us. It's probably happened to you, too. Maybe you hate your job. Maybe you're still grieving the loss of your innocence. Maybe you're lonely and alienated from those around you. Maybe you simply feel hopeless about the world and the sorry state it's in.

In Freddie Molloy's case, all of the above applies. The year is 2099, and he lives in one of America's many flooded cities. The air is so polluted that one needs an anti-toxins suit to venture outside. Humans have become sterile due to the poison they pumped into the atmosphere and have thus turned to artificial reproduction. To top it all off, the bankrupt American government auctioned off sections of the country to big corporations, making them modern monarchs in all but name. They live in shameless decadence while everyone else must kiss their feet in order to survive. The lower classes aren't people; they're tools to be used and discarded by the wealthy. Freddie was one of them, and the wounds are still fresh.

But everything in Freddie's bleak world with change when he first hears a mermaid's hypnotic song.