Queen of the Seas: The Pirate Queen

The seas are wicked and dangerous at the best of times. The ancient gods of old still lay claim to the ocean realm man cannot hope to conquer. Very few still make offerings to those unforgiving deities in faith for clemency; fewer still have learned the secrets to coexist with such vengeful beings...
...and only one among those was ever favored with the title, Queen of the Seas.
In a world ruled by men and gold, Callisto was no fool. If she wanted something, she had to take it by any means necessary, and it was because of her bold, unruly nature that everything she had dreamed for had changed... with the whisper of a god and a bloodied dagger... twice.
The life of a pirate had never been her dream, until the moment she seized control of the Poseidon’s Fury. Right there and then, it had become her destiny. One she had been born for. Chosen for.
And one which men had begun to fear.