Redeeming His Reputation: An Age Gap Billionaire Boss Romance
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Note to Self:
If I’m going to be able to work every day with James Lancaster, then I’m going to need a plan.

1. Don’t acknowledge what he admitted to me.
2. Don’t bring it up.
3. Don’t think about him as anything other than my boss.
4. Mind my own business and do my job. Not him.

Okay, a simple four step plan. I can do that. I think…

I've worked hard to make a better life for myself. I studied my weekends away in college instead of partying, I spent my summers interning instead of at the beach, and I avoided all distractions that might have kept me from landing my dream job when I graduated.
And it all paid off.
But when I walk into work on my first day to find my new boss waiting for me, 
I immediately know I’m in trouble.

James Lancaster has spent years travelling the world, landing himself splashed across the tabloids, internet, and social media with whichever actress or model he’s seeing for the moment. His father hopes he’ll take over as CEO of Lancaster Industries when he retires at the end of the year, but James’s latest breakup has landed him in hot water with both his father and the board, and no one believes he’ll be able to run the company successfully.

I expect him to be this easy-going party guy like he’s been portrayed, but the James Lancaster I meet is serious, uptight, and doesn’t want me as his assistant.

He tells me I was only hired as a test from his father – 
a temptation placed in front of him.

A temptation neither of us can give in to because it would mean the end of both our careers, but there are only so many days I can work beside him before I do. And when his father sends us to look at a property he wants to acquire, James proposes we don’t pretend while we’re away.

For two days I’m his.

We give in, don’t hold back, and don’t think about what happens next.

I have no business falling for my boss, but he makes it too easy, and I don’t think I can go back to how we were before we stopped pretending.