Romans: the just shall live by faith

Romans: the just shall live by faith by Dr. Andrew C S Koh

Find out the timeless wisdom of Romans by Dr. Andrew C. S. Koh Andrew C. S. Koh will guide you through the Book of Romans' profound teachings. This 33-day Bible study will take you on a journey to unlock the truths of Romans. It will provide invaluable insights into today's complex world. Romans contains a wealth of wisdom that is still relevant to our lives today. The daily lessons are designed to explain, explore, and explicate each verse and passage. Dr. Koh’s approach clarifies the profound teachings contained within this book. This comprehensive expositional course will help you gain a better understanding of God’s limitless grace and power. It will also strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ. This guide to Romans is suitable for readers from all backgrounds, whether they are advanced Bible scholars or just starting out on their spiritual journey. Dr. Koh's approach is ideal for personal growth and group understanding of spirituality.