Rule Of The Beats: The Lost Cities
Kyra is raised as a servant in a world dominated by beasts. She learns the way of survival alongside the children of royalty. When her family is given its freedom, she experiences life always on the run from other beasts that would capture and enslave her. Kyra's parents go missing, and she has to learn to rely on herself and her horse, Storm. She uses her wiles to survive, but eventually, she is captured and sold into slavery in the kingdom of the Holstein, a master race of bovine. Kyra is treated well by her new masters, and she earns the respect of her Master, Prince Meateus, when she shows her abilities. Prince Meateus leads an expedition across lands unknown to the bovine, in order to find the Lost Cities of the race of humans. However, there is one among them who would see the Prince meet up with an accident, and the expedition fail. With members of the Cat and Canine races among the adventurers, it seems hardly likely that such a fate could befall the Prince. As they make their way along, discovering new worlds and learning new things, Prince Meateus's life and the lives of others are saved time and time again by Kyra's quick thinking. The beasts discover that there is an intellect still alive in the race of human. Along the way, Kyra discovers clues that could lead to the whereabouts of her parents. With the help of her new friends, Kyra follows the clues and eventually discovers her parents' fate. She decides to stay with her new friends and continue the search for the Lost Cities. After finally learning the fate of the forbidden weapons they learn their troubles are not over.