Saving What’s Mine (Playing with Trouble)
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Believe me, I was in a tough spot. 

Or I would have never betrayed the love of my life. 

I never thought I’d even call him that. 

Luke… the badass MMA fighter. 

The man who has vowed to protect me. 

And to teach me how to protect myself. 

I definitely need the skill, especially since the loan shark is after my life. 

He has asked me for something that I find impossible to deliver. 

My betrayal. 

I would have to make Luke lose the fight. 

My heart sinks as I think about it. 

His touch is enough to melt me and doubt my decision. 

And the worst part?

I might be pregnant… 

If I go through with my plan, I would lose the father of my child forever. 

Or would I?