Season of Malice: An Age Gap, Russian Bratva Billionaire Romance (The Bratva)
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He’s old enough to be my father. He might be the one who killed my boyfriend. And I can’t resist him any longer.   Not only is my boyfriend dead, he left me with a sizable loan in my name to a mafia boss. When Dimitri Federov, a handsome, loaded Russian playboy, appears on my doorstep, I panic.    He wants money to repay the debt. Money I don’t have.   The prick offers me a solution - pay with my body. I turn him down flat, but the indecent proposal remains in my thoughts, forever reminding me of what could have been…   But when Dimitri turns on his charms, it gets even harder to resist him, and much easier to forget he’s a ruthless kingpin… a killer.   And once I let him have what he so desperately wants, give into our desires and follow this basic instinct to its heady climax… There will be no stopping Dimitri’s dark desires.   One night leaves me with the biggest secret of my life… and I have to make sure Dimitri never finds out he got me pregnant.