Season of the Dragon (Dragos Primeri Book 1)
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In the southern sands of the Sulmére, Quen struggles to hide her true nature. If people discover the truth, she’ll be shunned—or worse.

When a dragon destroys her life, Quen’s anger fuels a quest for vengeance. She joins a vigilante band of rogues and mages, and they journey north on the hunt to bring down the dragon. But Quen soon discovers she is the one being hunted as factions vie to control her growing power.

Quen’s epic journey takes her from her desert home to the opulent capital and even to the hidden lair of a shadowy dragon cult. She discovers dark secrets lurking in every corner of the realm. But the greatest mystery lies within her.

Will Quen unite her warring souls? Or will the beast within consume her?

The fate of her homeland—and everyone she loves—hangs in the balance.