Seeking the Light of Justice
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Embark on an electrifying journey with Professor Yoshua Rosenberg as he stumbles upon a revelation that could reshape history.

After years of relentless research into the enigmatic legends surrounding the Light of Justice, Prof. Rosenberg's archaeological team makes an astonishing discovery—a 500-year-old book containing the long-lost cover of General Aharon Dori's Hoshiyan Chronicles, a manuscript veiled in mystery.

The revelation triggers the Vatican's fury, setting off a covert war to erase the Chronicles from existence. Cryptic clues lead Rosenberg's team to Spain, where they uncover a bomb plot by Basque separatists and a horrifying chamber from the Spanish Inquisition's darkest days.

Their pursuit takes a perilous turn as they're unjustly thrown into a Spanish prison by a ruthless deputy interior minister. The question looms: What will become of them?

Uncover secrets, brave treacherous depths of history, and confront betrayal in this riveting tale. Can Rosenberg and his team overcome sinister forces or become footnotes in a buried history?

Don't miss the chance to unravel this mystery. Get the book now and be captivated by the pulse-pounding twists that await. Your destiny lies within these pages.