Self-Publishing on KDP the Write Way–How to Publish on Amazon and Rank Well: A Step by Step Beginner’s Guide to Formatting and Publishing eBooks and Paperbacks … for Authors Who Want to Sell More Books
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Be a successful author! You've written a magnum opus in the form of your first book. Now what? Are you overwhelmed with all the advice and resources out there on self-publishing? Publishing can be very scary when you don't know what you need to know. Even if you only write because you have a burning passion to create, once you publish a book, you want people to read it. To get readers, you must get sales. So even if it isn't about the money, you need to sell to be seen. And this book will tell you how to rank the best you can and why that's important. *This text includes the new changes Amazon KDP made in June 2023. It is the most updated version you will find right now.