Severed Ties: A YA science fantasy prequel novel to the Aeterna Chronicles
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A scientist filled with doubts. A four-year-old facing death. A momentous journey to save her.

For Belor, life in Cerulis City provides a myriad of comforts: endless food, a nice and warm home, and his dream job. He has life all planned out.

But when four-year-old Saya is about to be executed, Belor makes an irreversible decision that upheaves his entire life.
Soon, the pair find themselves on the run, fighting for survival. Saya is no ordinary four-year-old. She is a half-Aeterna, a race of beings banned from Cerulis City.

Will Belor be able to keep Saya alive?

A story about integrity, choices, and struggles, Severed Ties is the second prequel to the Aeterna Chronicles. Follow Belor as he meets the two protagonists, Khara and Essie, before books 3 to 6.