Shadow Deal (The Good Necromancer Book 1)
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Seven years ago, I swore I would never talk to demons again. 

I stopped practicing the dark art of necromancy when a demon double-crossed me and killed my wife. I’ve spent the last seven years in quiet solitude.

Now the demon is back from the other side and wants to finish what he started. Word on the street is that he wants to hang my head on a necklace. 


So here I am, back in the game. You know, making deals with grim reapers, casting dark spells, binding souls to dead bodies. Typical necromancer stuff. 

But I’m using my powers for good this time. When I’m done, this demon is going to beg for mercy.

Shadow Deal is a riveting fast-paced urban fantasy series featuring Lester Broussard that will keep you spellbound. Scroll up to buy your copy today!