Shadow of a Doubt: Story 5 in the “Tales of Suspense” Series
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Test drive one of America's favorite mystery series with this deeply discounted book. [Editor’s Note: Each book in the “Tales of Suspense” Series series is a standalone story and not connected to the others. Readers can jump in at any point.] When Carole Carson—a fading movie star—sees a dead body sitting in a chair across the way through the window in her Manhattan apartment, she is desperate for others to believe her. Unfortunately no one else can see what she does and it begins to drive her to desperation. She is surrounded by a colorful cast of unique characters who either are helping to calm her nerves or are consciously driving her insane. What you think is real…just might not be. Or is it? Illusion, or perhaps madness, is at the heart of a mystery for the ages. In the spirit of old radio dramas of the 1940s, the heart-pounding mystery unravels delightfully until the surprising conclusion is reached.