Side B: Remix Your Leadership Style
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Genuine leadership has the potential to leave a long-lasting legacy.

In Side B, author Paula S. White uses her keen insight for leadership and passion for music as she unlocks new doors for seasoned and aspiring leaders. Throughout Side B, readers will develop the ultimate leadership growth hack; their Side B Legacy.

The Side B Legacy is an X-factor quality that draws its power from 10 positive emotion-based behaviors. In fostering these behaviors, readers will begin to see their life more like a composition of music, with each note ringing out and leaving behind lasting resonance.

As an acclaimed lyricist, coach, and lifelong lover of music, Paula takes readers through a vision of cultivating a better work culture by getting in touch with their dormant leadership potential.

Side B helps leaders:


    • Develop an awareness of their emotion-based traits


    • Grow as leaders by building their own unique “Playlist”


    • Balance resume skills with character qualities


    • Understand how music can create lasting freedom for their health


    • Cultivate the ability to listen to an inner melody

    Everybody has their practical, Side A behaviors that help them complete a resume and fit a job description. But it’s through the mastery of your Side B legacy that unlocks your true leadership potential.

    Side B is a masterful composition and Paula S. White is its Maestra. Readers will develop an awareness of their potential and evolve into the leaders that they were truly meant to be.