Small Town Sparks
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Small Town Sparks by Ava Gray

The biggest shock of my life was nothing in comparison to the delight I felt in the arms of three men. I found out that my dad passed away. One I never knew was around in the first place. He had left me an inheritance and a half-brother that flipped my world upside down. And then came my half-brother’s best friends. Sebastian was a playboy I couldn’t trust, but also couldn’t stay away from. Danny was gentle and passionate, but his huge muscles gave a different impression. Lucas had a body that could attract any woman and I was clearly no exception. These men vowed to protect me from my abusive ex, Shane. The time I spent in bed with them had me forget that my life was, in fact, in danger. But a secret changed everything. The trust I had in my men was about to be shattered. And they were the only ones that could save me from an unspeakable crisis. Could I at least trust them to show up for me? Or would this Valentine’s Day end up in a big tragedy in this small town of Blooming Ridge?