Social Anxiety Relief for Teens: Practical CBT Exercises and Coping Skills to Build Confidence, Control Anxiety, and Thrive in Social Situations
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The teenage years are crucial for making friends, discovering your place in the world, and giving your natural talents and skills the attention and space that lets them thrive.

Social anxiety makes it harder to connect with others and 
feel like you belong. Overthinking and battling powerful emotions can make social situations terrifying instead of fun.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way!

Whether you’re dealing with severe social anxiety or just shy and looking to break out of your shell, 
social anxiety is not part of your identity. It’s just a small piece of you, and you have power over it!

Within the pages of this book, you will discover the amazing strengths you already possess that will empower you to make incredible changes in your life.

Just a few of the things you will learn in this book include:
✔ Surprising ways your brain reacts to anxiety - and the secret to rewiring it
✔ 7 social skills 
guaranteed to make friends and get along easily with anyone
✔ Understanding your feelings and being able to clearly express them with confidence
✔ How to 
control intense emotions when they happen
✔ 5 simple ways to find and embrace what makes you 
✔ Getting rid of negative thoughts by using their power for your gain
✔ 4 mindfulness exercises proven to calm your brain and expand the way you think
✔ A unique way to look at yourself that will 
100% improve your self-image
✔ Coping with stressful moments like giving a presentation or handling a disagreement
✔ How to
 face conflicts head-on without starting a fight
✔ …and so much more!

In a sea of books on the subject, Social Anxiety Relief for Teens is a complete field guide that gives you all the tools you need to realize your strength, find your passions, and face the challenges of shyness and social anxiety head-on.

By consulting with actual teens along with therapists, coaches, and behavioral studies, this book will teach, not preach. Author Jason Forte struggled with debilitating social anxiety in his teen years and relates his experiences to help you recognize and overcome the limitations you might be putting on yourself.