Spirit Embraced
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Spirit Embraced by Kim Colella


2019 Silver Winner - Nautilus Book Awards - “Better Books for a Better World”
"It is time to let go of all that holds you back from radiating your brilliance into the world. It is time to surrender all the old habits and mindsets that have constricted you, made you smaller than who you really are. As you release all that does not support your growth and healing, space will open up allowing you to stretch towards your most authentic and free self."
Even from a young age Kim Colella’s spirit urged her to walk a path well beyond her comfort zone. Spirit Embraced highlights the journey that unfolds as Kim allows her spirit to lead as she releases the painful memories of her past, follows her deepest dreams and creates a life that is in alignment with her spirit. Kim shares the transformational tools that illuminate her path and provide essential support for her to live her most authentic and free self. Divided into four section, Kim offers the simple yet powerful exercises to Release our limiting beliefs, Listen to the still, quiet voice within, Manifest our dreams, and Tend our hearts and relationships. Spirit Embraced weaves together Kim’s powerful story, transformational tools, soul psalms and photography to create an inspiring memoir and guide for her readers.