Take A Chance (The Chanceville Chronicles Book 1)

Professional and ambitious to a fault, Cora O'Malley has no time for the fascinating mystery author, Trent Rogers, she chances to meet in the airport — even if he is easy on the eyes. But when she returns from an extremely successful business trip only to find herself fired with an explanation that makes no sense, Cora decides to hire Trent to find out the real story.

Trent keeps it to himself that writing mysteries and conducting actual investigations are two very different things. The assignment is the perfect excuse to get to know Cora better, especially now that she has the time for romance.

But Cora also has a wild-child past that Trent never would have expected of the buttoned-up businesswoman he first met. Part of her past is Dougie, her childhood best friend whose casual familiarity with Cora sets Trent's teeth on edge.

Suddenly, relationship-challenged Cora has to decide whether she wants to fan flames from a comfortable old spark or take a chance on a new love.

Full of sweet and sassy banter, 
Take a Chance is a fun, positive story sure to make you smile.
This "closed-door" romantic comedy has plenty of humor and romantic chemistry, but there are no graphic sex scenes on the page. There is some limited adult language and suggestive humor.