Take the Robot out of the Human
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‘A must-read for the digitally savvy executive looking to stay ahead of the digital curve’.

Ainslie van Onselen CEO, CA ANZ

In a time of unprecedented change, where robots and AI are taking over millions of jobs across every industry, it will be imperative to develop your digital muscles—or Digital EQ—to ensure that you stay relevant in this new era.

If that wasn’t enough, the race to accelerate NetZero and deliver sustainable value is now well and truly upon us in this new ‘decade of action’. Radical business model shifts are taking place across the globe, as modern executives grapple to drive prosperity and support our planet’s very survival.

Through case studies and interviews with transformation leaders and pioneers around the world, Take the Robot out of the Human provides a handbook to blend these two areas for the modern executive and help navigate the decade ahead. By applying the five core principles outlined in this book, you can not only shape, but master, this brave, new business world.